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Ranveer Brar: The Slow Interview With Neelesh Misra


You have seen him cook some delicious recipes. Now watch the country’s most favourite chef Ranveer Brar talk about some of the most key ingredients of his life, in a heart to heart conversation with the country’s favourite storyteller Neelesh Misra. Passion for food has driven Ranveer Brar to every nook and corner of the world. From becoming the youngest executive chef at a five-star hotel, to hosting his own cooking shows, it is his love for cooking that has got him this far.

1 thought on “Ranveer Brar: The Slow Interview With Neelesh Misra”

  1. Francis Rodrigues

    Liked the show. Wife follows Ranvir Brar cooking videos.
    Lovely Kurta Sir, jach ghayaa Aap par

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