I’m Doing a Live Storytelling Performance in Goa Today, Details Here

by Neelesh Misra

I last performed in Goa almost a decade ago. Which is why I am very excited that I am going to be performing live in Goa Today (Feb 10) at the Goa University. If you are around, see you!

I am very keen to associate more deeply with the youth of Goa – a large number of whom might have grown up listening to me over the past decade. This event is a first step and I hope to do many more such events and activities in Goa to strengthen my relationship with the community.

I shall narrate stories written by me and maybe sing a couple of songs (beware: I am a bathroom singer!) I might shamelessly plug the two songs already launched as part of my first song as a singer. The songs are: “Tum Kaho Chand Choukor Kar Den” and “Sath Chalne Ki Mere Yaar Ko Aadat Hi Kahan Thi”.

The performance is at the Chemistry Auditorium near the Library from 3 PM, and entry is free. Just show up! If you have a query, call up the number 8669609096. Do let your friends know!


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Vivek February 5, 2023 - 7:24 pm

Very well written Neelesh and presented the hard hitting facts.As an educator and father of young kids, the constant bombardment of fear of losing out has impacted the culture of classrooms also. We are fighting for survival of the basic skills of reading, literacy and scientific inquiry.


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