I Am Coming To Meet You. A National Storytelling Tour Starts Dec. 16

(Neelesh Misra's Live Storytelling Tour Begins On December 16th 2023 from Pune, Maharashtra.)

by Neelesh Misra

I am about to launch a national Live storytelling tour, and I shall meet many of you face-to-face in 10 cities.

I never thought I had it in me to perform on stage. I didn’t have stage fright — I used to speak at debates in school — but I don’t think I have flair and body language and the spirit of letting go, to be a stage artiste of any kind on stage. As I said at a meeting when someone suggested I form a band, I said: “I don’t even have long hair!”

But one day I did get the opportunity to get on stage and I realised that one of my greatest joys as storyteller is narrating stories to a live audience — and not just behind a mike in my studio.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Here are the cities, the dates, and the venues. You can get more details and buy tickets here.

Neelesh Misra Live Storytelling Tour





  • 24th Dec
  • Papaya Tree Hotel

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New Delhi

  • 20th Jan
  • Kedarnath Sahani Audi
  • 926 seats

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  • 21st Jan
  • GSVM Medical College Audi
  • 680 seats

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More details and tickets here.

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Neelesh Misra to embark on national storytelling tour – Imedrese November 16, 2023 - 8:10 pm

[…] of the tour shall be updated regularly on his website: https://neeleshmisra.com/live-storytelling-tour-india-2023/ Misra is an award-winning journalist, author of five books, and a media […]

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